An electronic solution to a manual problem, TableTops aims to solve the slow and tedious process of seating tables. The table is available when the TableTop is docked, and it becomes unavialable when the device is removed.

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TableTops are a replacement for the inefficient process of clearing tables after your guests have left. The process sometimes takes a handful of employees to simply let your hosts know that a table is available but what if all it took was a few seconds? Want more information? Take a look at our business model.

How It Works

Breakdown of Service

Remove Device

When the party is walked to the table, the seater picks up the device and places it in the charging station.

Same Old Service

Guests are serviced as normal, and with the built-in design, the dock doesn't impede service.

Spick and Span

The server, the busser or even a host cleans the table as normal without worry due to the waterproof build.

Modern Day Speed

Within seconds of replacing the device, the host stand software is notified of the freshly cleaned table.

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